dillingers | oct. 2018

Experience the interactive session that unearths a tool to help you determine your current worldview and what’s happening in your life that may be ripe for growth or change.



THE Program:

  • Mingling & Greeting
  • Formal Introductions & 30 Second "Elevator Pitches"
  • 30-40 Minute Mini Lesson
  • More Mingling & Networking!


$20 - PAY AHEAD OF TIME IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR SEAT! No registration accepted past EOD Oct. 19. Includes buffet style charcuterie featuring artisan bread, cheese, vegetables, toppings and meat -- something for gluten-free + veggie/vegan + meat eater, as well as one (1) cocktail or mocktail off the Happy Hour menu. After that, you may start your own tab if you'd like additional drinks!


  • Your business cards (at least 40).
  • Your 30 second elevator pitch - what you do best, why you do it, who you serve.
  • Free samples of products or fliers of your upcoming events.
  • A SMILE and good-spirited cheer for your fellow #olyfemmepreneur! :)


Breanna Trygg // Trygg Consulting

Breanna Trygg is a collaborative consultant who works with teams and individuals to help them do their best possible work. She does this through facilitation, strategic planning and team-building. 

During this meeting, Breanna will bring a tool to help you determine your own current worldview, and what’s happening in your life that may be ripe for growth or change. This interactive session will include lots of time to connect with each other, so we can learn from the best: the Oly Girlbosses!


YOU MUST PAY $20 IN ADVANCE TO ATTEND THIS MONTH. NO REFUNDS OFFERED, NO REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED AFTER OCT. 19. MAX 60 ATTENDEES. If you have to cancel for any reason, please consider posting and offering your paid spot to a fellow girlboss!