Ashlyn Jamyson Salon and Spa |  dec. 2018

IT'S THE 2ND ANNUAL GREAT OLY GIRLBOSS GIVEAWAY!! 'Tis the season of giving and loving on your fellow girlbosses.



THE Program:

  • Mingling & Greeting

  • Formal Introductions & 30 Second "Elevator Pitches"

  • 20 Minute Mini Lesson


The Giveaway:

Each gal will give away a business-related prize to ONE other girlboss as a surprise holiday gift! We ask that each girlboss in attendance contributes a giveaway prize at a minimum $50 value FROM THEIR BUSINESS. Please DO NOT bring a bought gift - the purpose of the giveaway is to showcase YOUR lovely biz! This will allow each girl to experience another girl's business and potentially help spread the word about each others' services after we experience all these wonders at work.

Whatever you give your girl is PRICELESS. We understand some girls' professional services will cost differently in monetary value than other girls' product services - give as much as you'd like without spreading yourself too thin. This is the season of generosity and giving to your fellow #girlbosses and they will appreciate you regardless, babe!

When you hit "Going" on our Facebook event page to send in your RSVP, please message Kathryn with the gift you will be donating to this grand giveaway. She will include your gift on the roundup of prizes listed on this event page below.

Girls will be matched with their prize by a drawing of the hat, in person at the event! We can't wait to see the looks on your faces when you receive your prize.

*In the event that you are unable to donate something from your business service, we welcome you to purchase another OGC gal's service/product as a contribution to the giveaway.


This event is a potluck - please bring a dish to share! Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options encouraged.


  • Your business cards (at least 40).


  • Your 30 second elevator pitch - what you do best, why you do it, who you serve.

  • Free samples of products or fliers of your upcoming events.

  • A SMILE and good-spirited cheer for your fellow #olyfemmepreneur! :)



Alaycia Rohleder //
Alaycia Hair Design

Join Alaycia of Alaycia Hair Design for a mini lesson on hair styling foundations! Alaycia will show us three different curling techniques/styles that are trending, then show us how to achieve great second-day hairstyles! Great for all your upcoming holiday parties.


Please think twice before withdrawing your RSVP after you confirm, but if you are missing the event unexpectedly and are willing to still spread the generosity, please message Kathryn and provide a gift certificate of sorts for your giveaway item redemption/how your girl can contact you. We'd love to ensure we stay at an even amount of girls and account a gift for everyone! We'll contact you if we already received an even amount of gifts and yours is no longer needed at time of event.